Menard Vibro is a design & build specialist geotechnical contractor offering expertise in ground improvement. Our applications and techniques can be applied to sites with

  • Poor soil conditions
  • Environmental concerns
  • Contaminated soils
  • Tight programmes.
  • Limited Budget

Menard Vibro offers ground improvement solutions applicable to commercial & residential buildings, industrial developments, transportation, port and airports, oil & gas facilities and storage tanks.

We combine value engineering and innovative techniques to deliver practical, sustainable alternatives to deep concrete foundations. Our solutions are designed to save time and cost, for both the foundation phase and the following construction of superstructure.

From the early stage of projects, Menard Vibro provides full technical support, in order to accompany our clients in the development of each project. From feasibility stage to construction, Menard Vibro has one objective: delivering the best solution for the satisfaction of our clients and help to reduce overall project cost in a safe and economic manner and planning constraints. Therefore, it can be extremely beneficial to involve us at an early stage with your client, developer and consultants to fully utilize our expertise.

MENARD VIBRO is a market leader position in the world of soil treatment and is committed to excellence in providing innovative solutions to complex geotechnical problems based on providing a firm price, a reliable construction schedule and the appropriate guarantees to back up our professional confidence in the outcomes that we achieve predictable performance of soil.